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Authority Record


General Information

Determining When to Create an Authority Record

Searching and Using Headings

Gathering Information for Creating Authority Records



General Information

To create a new heading, route the supporting information to the Cataloging Coordinator or another Manuscript Unit archivist who is authorized as a NACO cataloger.


Determining When to Create an Authority Record

Criteria for creating an authority record:

  • In addition to observing general Yale criteria, also create an authority record for a name used as the main entry for a major collection of personal papers.
  • Use judgment in determining whether to create an authority record for the main entry of a small collection.
  • In case of doubt, consult the Cataloging Coordinator.

Tracing names with no authority record existing or required:

  • Create the heading in accordance with RDA and in a form that does not conflict with existing authority records. 
  • In addition to following AACR2 rules, always use the fullest known form of name

Searching and Using Headings

Validation Preferences:

In the cataloging module, under Options>Preferences>Validation, check all boxes under Headings:

·        Name

·        Title

·        Name/Title

·        Subject

·        Subdivision

Checking subdivision will result in validation of each subdivision separately from the full heading: when saving the record, the authority validation box will identify these subdivisions as invalid, meaning that they are not valid headings by themselves. Verify that all subdivisions are used correctly, and then continue with saving of the record.


Gathering Information for Creating Authority Records

No additional local guidelines.

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