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This manual outlines local decisions of the Beinecke Manuscript Unit for cataloging manuscript collections and individual manuscripts coded as record type p in Yale’s online catalog. This manual conforms to and is used in conjunction with Yale University Library’s Manuscript Cataloging Guidelines. Consult the Yale-wide Guidelines first, and refer to this manual for Beinecke Manuscript Unit decisions about options, local practice, and additional descriptive detail.


A longer version of this manual, Orbis Cataloging Manual: Mixed Materials Format, served as a basis for creation of Yale’s Manuscript Cataloging Guidelines in 2006. A revision of Manuscript Unit cataloging documentation in 2011 eliminated information duplicated in the Yale-wide Guidelines, integrated new local cataloging decisions, and simplified the format to support use as a supplement to the Yale-wide Guidelines.


See also:

  • Cataloging Manual Supplements (Sharepoint/Cataloging Manual):
  • Citation/References Codes
  • Cuttering for Western Americana Manuscripts
  • Genre/Form Terms
  • Occupation Terms
  • Superseded Guidelines
  • Supplemental Cataloging Guidelines by Format

    Other cataloging documentation:

    • Call Number Sequences and Assignments (Website/Tools)
    • Fund Codes (Website/Tools)
    • Preferences: cataloging module (Sharepoint/Shared documents)
    • Reference Tools (Website/Tools)
    • Templates: bibliographic record (J/mssunit/voyager templates/cataloging/bib templates)
    • Templates: Mfhd record (J/mssunit/voyager templates/cataloging/mfhd templates)

      Baseline cataloging training (Sharepoint/Baseline project documentation/Baseline cataloging):

      • Analytics and Bound-withs
      • Baseline Cataloging Workflow
      • General Instructions for Access Points
      • Genre Access Points
      • History Access Points
      • Literature Access Points
      • Western Americana Access Points

      Other cataloging training:

      • Call Number Notes (Sharepoint/Shared documents)
      • Single Item Cataloging (Sharepoint/Shared documents)
      • Small Collection Cataloging (Sharepoint/Shared documents)
      • Orbis Requirements for Manuscript Material LSF transfer (Sharepoint/Transfers)
      • Relinking Item Records to Different MFHD (Sharepoint/Transfers)

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