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300 (Physical Description)

351 (Organization and Arrangement)



300 (Physical Description)

Required for all records.

Collections with finding aid: 300 will be copied into the finding aid overview, in the physical description field, during YFAD processing.  Do not include temporary containers identified by letter and containing printed material, though these containers are barcoded.


All physical descriptions


Single items


All physical descriptions

Spell out words linear feet and circa



Subfields: Use both ‡a and ‡f, in the following form: ‡a [x.x] ‡f linear feet ([x] boxes)


300 __ ‡a 3.8 ‡f linear feet (10 boxes)


Following the container count

  • List counts of storage locations not included in the linear footage count.  Use only these terms: art, broadsides, broadsides oversize, cold storage, record album storage, rolls.
  • List digital media consisting of files only, with no physical storage media, using the term: digital files.  Optionally, follow this term with an extent, expressed as MB, GB, etc., in parentheses.  For further guidance, consult the Digital Archivist.
  • Do not list oversize boxes.


300 __ ‡a 2.1 ‡f linear feet (5 boxes) + 3 broadsides, 1 roll.

300 __ ‡a 2.1 ‡f linear feet (5 boxes) + 3 art, 1 broadside, 1 cold storage, 4 record album storage.

300 __ ‡a 2.1 ‡f linear feet (5 boxes) + digital files (2 GB)


If a large amount of the collection is stored in these locations, optionally include them in the linear footage and container count.


300 __ ‡a 49.6 ‡f linear feet (52 boxes, 12 rolls, 74 broadsides)


Linear footage:

·        Calculate oversize boxes by measuring box height.

·        Calculate other boxes using the Manuscript Unit’s Linear Footage Calculator. 

  • Round linear footage as follows:

o   Less than one foot: 0.xx

o   One whole number: x.0

o   More than a whole number: x.xx

Small collections:

·        Optionally give item or volume count instead of linear footage. 

·        If items or volumes are stored in one container, do not include a container count. 

·        Note multiple containers in parentheses at the end of the final subfield.


300 __ ‡a 10 ‡f items (in 2 folders)

300 __ ‡a 2 ‡f items (in 2 boxes)

If more than one 300 is used, note total container count in 500.


Single items

Accompanying transcripts:

  • Do not include in item count.
  • Optionally, note in 520 or 500.


500 __ ‡a Includes typed transcript.


Items mounted on another sheet or inlaid in a space cut from a sheet:

If the item is not likely to be removed, measure the item itself, followed by the measurement of the sheet.


Document attached to larger sheet:

300 __ ‡a 1 ‡f item (1 p.) ; ‡c 33 cm., mounted on sheet, 39 cm.

Letter inlaid in a space cut out from a sheet:

300 __ ‡a 1 ‡f item (2 p.) ; ‡c 15 cm., inlaid in sheet, 30 cm.


Single items stored in broadside folders:

  • Record both height and width measurements (h x w cm). 
  • For several items housed in one broadside folder, record largest h x w, followed by "and smaller."


300 __ ‡a 1 ‡f item ; ‡c ; 40 x 70 cm.

300 __ ‡a 3 ‡f items ; ‡c ; 40 x 70 cm. and smaller.



351 (Organization and Arrangement)






Required for collections organized by series or other grouping.

·        Enter in subfield ‡a.

·        Use standard wording and punctuation as shown below.

  • Optionally enter multiple 351 fields for paragraphed display.

Date spans:

·        Include date spans for collections organized by series or provenance.

·        Do not include date spans for collections organized by accession.

·        Enter years only; do not include months or days.

·        Do not bracket dates, even if dates are supplied.

·        Enter “undated” only if all items in the series are undated.  Omit “undated” from other date spans.


Organized by series: Organized into [#] series: I. [Name of Series], [year-year]. II. [Name of Series], [year-year]. [Name of Series], [year-year]…


351 __ ‡a Organized into eleven series: I. Correspondence, 1964-2004. II. Writings, 1959-2000. III. Interviews and Speeches, 1974-1996. IV. Teaching Material and Student Papers, 1973-1995. V. Personal Papers, 1961-2000. VI. Photographs, 1890-2001. VII. Audiovisual Material, 1953-2002. VIII. Clippings, 1964-2002. IX. Printed Material, 1920-2003.  X. Artwork, 1972-1986. XI. Papers of Others, 1912-2000.


Organized by provenance: Organized into [#] series: I. [Name of Source] [Gift or Purchase], [year-year]. II. [Name of Source] [Gift or Purchase], [year-year]. III. [Name of Source] [Gift or Purchase], [year-year]… 


351 __ ‡a Organized into four series: I. John Alexander Symington Purchase, 1880-1948. II. Maureen Pring Watson Gift, 1867-1948. III. George S. MacManus Purchase, 1879-1952. IV. Materials from Other Sources, 1889-1940.


Organized by accession: Organized into [x] groupings: [Month] [year] Acquisition; [Month] [year] Acquisition; [Month] [year] Acquisition...

351 __ ‡a Organized into seven groupings: January 2001 Acquisition; July 2003 Acquisition; April 2006 Acquisition; July 2006 Acquisition; August 2006 Acquisition; May and June 2008 Acquisitions; and June 2009 Acquisition.



·        Optional, for collections not organized by series or other grouping.

·        Enter in subfield ‡b.

Standard wording: Arranged [describe briefly].


351 __ ‡b Arranged chronologically.

351 __ ‡b Arranged alphabetically.

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