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240 (Uniform Title)

245 (Title Statement)

246 (Varying Form of Title)

250 (Edition Statement)



240 (Uniform Title)

No additional local guidelines.



245 (Title Statement)

Required for all records.

Collections with finding aid: 245 ‡a, ‡f, and ‡g will be copied into the finding aid overview, in the title and dates fields, during YFAD processing.


All title statements

All collections

Small collections

Collector’s collections

Joint collections

Correspondence collections

Intentionally-assembled collections

All single items

Single letters


All title statements

Indicators: enter first indicator 0 when there is no 1XX.


  • For titles in English, capitalize only the first word in the title, the first word of any title within the title, and proper names. 
  • For titles in other languages, follow capitalization rules for that language.
  • Note that in 524 (preferred citation), all significant words are capitalized for titles in English; for titles in other languages, follow capitalization rules for that language.


  • Avoid "miscellaneous" in titles. 
  • Generally use “miscellany” only for intentionally-assembled collections of singly-acquired items assembled by BRBL within a curatorial area.

Dates (‡f and ‡g):

  • Wording and punctuation: ‡f yyyy-yyyy ‡g (bulk yyyy-yyyy).
  •  Use all four digits for years. 
  • If a span of dates falls within a single year, optionally include a span of months.
  •  Spell out months.
  •  Spell out “circa”


100 1_ ‡a O'Neill, Eugene, ‡d 1888-1953.

245 10 ‡a Eugene O'Neill papers, ‡f 1872-1970 ‡g (bulk 1930-1959).

524 __ ‡a Eugene O'Neill Papers. Yale Collection of American Literature, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.


100 1_ ‡a Morellet, André, ‡d 1727-1819.

245 1_ ‡a Extraits d'un manuscript de l'abbé Morellet, intitulé Vocabulaire philosophique, ‡f [18--?].

524 __ ‡a André Morellet, Extraits d'un manuscript de l'abbé Morellet, intitulé Vocabulaire philosophique. General Collection, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University.


110 1_ ‡a Guatemala. ‡b Asamblea Nacional Constituyente ‡d (1825).

245 10 a Decrees regarding the organization of the legislative assembly of Guatemala, ‡f 1825 January-October.

524__ a Guatemala. Asamblea Constituyente. Decrees Regarding the Organization of Guatemala. General Collection, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University.


245 00 ‡a General Collection manuscript miscellany, ‡f [circa 1600-ongoing].



All collections

Collections with a creator name in a 1XX field:

  • Repeat the creator name in direct order as the first element in ‡a. 
  • Do not include elements in 1XX ‡q, ‡c, ‡d, or ‡e. 
  • If the creator name is better known in a form other than the authorized form, use judgment and consult with the curator to determine the form for 245.
  • For corporate bodies with subdivisions, do not include periods between subdivisions in 245. Use judgment in arranging elements in an order that makes sense in 245.


100 10 ‡a Bourbel, Henry de, ‡c comte de Montpinçon, ‡d 1770-1826.

245 10 ‡a Henry de Bourbel papers, ‡f 1791-1814.


110 1_ ‡a United States. ‡b Army. ‡b Connecticut Infantry Regiment, 29th (1864-1865)

245 10 ‡a United States Army Connecticut 29th Infantry Regiment quartermaster records, ‡f 1865 August-October.



Small collections

Documentary forms in title:

  • If one or two forms predominate in volume or research value, specify these in the title.
  •  If one subject area predominates in volume or research value, qualify one or both documentary forms with a phrase such as “relating to [subject].”
  •  Describe other documentary forms in 520.
  •  See also training documentation: Small Collection Cataloging


245 10 ‡a John Q. Allen diaries, ‡f 1890-1891.


245 10 ‡a John Q. Allen diaries and papers, ‡f 1890-1891.


245 10 ‡a John Q. Allen diaries and scrapbooks, ‡f 1890-1891.


245 10 ‡a John Q. Allen diaries and scrapbooks relating to the New York theater, ‡f 1890-1891.



Collector's collections

Standard wording: [Name of collector] collection of [Name or topical subject].

·         If another form of title has been specified by a deed of gift, use that form.

·         If the collection is already known by another form of title, consult with the curator to determine whether to use that title.


100 1_ ‡a Allen, Germaine H., ‡e collector.

245 10 ‡a Germaine H. Allen collection of Civil War autographs, ‡f 1861-1864.


100 1_ ‡a Regan, Matthew, ‡e collector.

245 10 ‡a Matthew Regan and Elizabeth Peters collection of Sherwood Anderson, ‡f 1900-1920.

700 1_ ‡a Peters, Elizabeth, ‡e collector.



Joint collections

Standard wording: [Creator]-[Creator] papers

When appropriate, include a topical subject: [Creator]-[Creator] papers concerning [topical subject]

Determine order of names by the following, in this order of preference:

·         Provenance

·         Volume or research value

·         Importance to Beinecke collections

·         Alphabetical order by last name

·         Describe relationship between names and collection content in 545 and 520.

Access points for names:

·         First name: 1xx

·         Second name: 7xx


100 1_ ‡a Novick, Frank.

245 10 ‡a Frank Novick-Sholem Asch papers concerning press controversy over The Nazarene, ‡f circa 1940.

700 1_ ‡a Asch, Sholem.



Correspondence collections

Standard wording:

  • One writer to one recipient: [Writer] letters to [Recipient]
  •   One writer, to and from one correspondent: [Writer] correspondence with [Correspondent]
  • One writer to two or more recipients or one writer to and from two or more recipients: [Writer] correspondence
  • Two or more writers to one recipient: [Recipient] correspondence


245 10 ‡a Joan Allen letters to Jane Smith


245 10 ‡a Joan Allen correspondence with Jane Smith


245 10 ‡a Joan Allen correspondence



Intentionally-assembled collections

Standard wording: [Name, Genre, or Topic] collection

  • Use term “collection” only for collections about a person, corporate body, genre, or topic assembled by BRBL.
  •  If the collection is about a person or corporate body, enter this name in 1xx.
  •   For more information, see Processing Manual.


245 00 ‡a Haymarket Affair collection, ‡f 1872-1901.


245 00 ‡a Television scripts collection, ‡f 1957-1960.


100 1_ ‡a Wilder, Thornton, ‡d 1897-1975.

245 10 ‡a Thornton Wilder collection, ‡f 1918-1983.



All single items


  • Use as required, with this punctuation and in this order: ‡a : ‡b, ‡f / ‡c.
  • Do not use subfield ‡k.  The record is identified as manuscript material by record type p, and by the description in 520.

Transcribed titles:

·         Note source other than title page in 500.

Supplied titles:

·         Do not start with name in 1xx.

Printed documents completed in manuscript:

·         Consult the curator to determine if the item should be cataloged as manuscript, print, or both. Transfer print cataloging to the Rare Book Team.

  • Optionally, trace printer name in both 610 and 710.

Dates (‡f):

·         Bracket supplied dates or supplied parts of dates. Optionally, note the source of a supplied date in 520 or 500.

·         Spell out circa.

·         Include a question mark as appropriate.

·         If possible, use the content of the item or a perpetual calendar to determine a complete date.


‡f [1880].

‡f [1880]-1901.

‡f [1924?].

‡f [1924?]-1930.


Incorrect dates:

  • Do not transcribe an incorrect date; supply correct date in brackets.
  • Optionally, note incorrect date in 520 or 500.
  • Optionally, omit an incorrect date appearing in a transcribed title, if omission will make the title and ‡f date clearer. Note the original title in 500.


245 10 ‡a Journal of a voyage around Cape Horn, ‡f 1839 October 11-1841 February 3.

500 __ ‡a Full title: Journal of a Voyage around Cape Horn, 1840.


Statement of Responsibility (‡c):

  • Use ‡c only for transcribed titles, and only when a statement of responsibility is present.
  • Do not supply statements of responsibility.
  • Do not add supplied wording in brackets, such as [by].


100 1_ ‡a Wright, Richard.
245 10 ‡a Black boy / ‡c by R. Wright.



Single letters

Standard wording:

·         Do not use brackets for supplied or standardized names or places. 

·         When supplying a standard form of name or place, optionally note the original form in 520 or 500.

·         Generally, do not transcribe addresses or names of buildings.  Optionally, note these in 520 or 500.

Postmark dates:

·         For undated letters, optionally use a postmark date in ‡f. 

·         Always use brackets and a question mark for a postmark date or any part of a postmark date used in ‡f. 

·         Optionally, note the source in 520 or 500.


‡f [1850 July 14?].

500 __ ‡a Date from postmark.


‡f 1850 [July?] 14.

500 __ ‡a Month from postmark.



246 (Varying Form of Title)

No additional local guidelines.



250 (Edition Statement)

No additional local guidelines.


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